• Blue Pearl Dentistry Proudly Features the new iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner

    by Dr. Robert S. Huang, DDS
    on Nov 27th, 2018
Introducing the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner! We are proud to announce that we have acquired a digital scanner to do away with those gooey traditional impressions that many of our patients have had to take.  With our new scanner, we can take digital impressions to make more accurate, technologically advanced restorations and at the same time do our part to help protect the environment.  Digital scans are sent to our labs electronically and significantly reduce the materials wasted to get the impression from your mouth to the lab and back.  The scanner has a 'TIMELAPSE'  feature that can also be used to monitor teeth wear and gum recession over the years by using the scans to compare with each other over time.  
iTero has already created such an impact in our practice by making things faster, easier and more efficient.  We're so excited that we get to share that with you. 
Author Dr. Robert S. Huang, DDS
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