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The science and technology surrounding dental implants have advanced considerably in recent years, and Dr. Huang uses the most up-to-date, safest methods and materials to achieve optimal results for patients in and around Carthay, Los Angeles, CA, who want to replace missing teeth with the most natural-feeling option.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are the advantages of dental implants compared to dentures?

Patients with implants report they feel and function more like their natural teeth, are easier to care for, and make them feel more confident since there's no risk of embarrassing slippage.

How is the implant procedure performed?

The implant procedure is performed in stages. During your first visit, a titanium post will be implanted in your jaw. The post will need to fuse with the jaw bone, a process that usually takes about 10 to 12 weeks. Once fusing is complete, a metal abutment or connector is attached to the post on the second visit and an impression of the area is made so the artificial tooth, or crown can be made to fit. In the third visit, the crown is attached and Dr. Huang can perform any minor, gentle shaping to ensure the best fit and appearance.

Do I need to do anything special to care for my implants?

You care for dental implants the same way you care for your natural teeth – with regular flossing, brushing, and dental exams. One of the advantages of implants is that they require no additional or special care.

Will my implants be obvious to other people?

No, your implants will be shaped, tinted and positioned to match your surrounding teeth, so other people will not know they're implants and not “the real thing.”

How long will my implant last?

Implants are designed to last as long as your natural teeth as long as they are cared for properly.

Can an implant become infected?

While the tooth itself cannot become infected since it's artificial, the gum and area around the post is subject to the same risks of bacterial buildup as a natural tooth, which is why it's critical to have regular dental checkups to ensure the gums around the implant – and around your natural teeth – remain healthy.


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