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Having a healthy, beautiful smile is important for your self-esteem and self-confidence. Dr. Huang offers state-of-the-art esthetic treatments so patients in the Carthay, Los Angeles, CA, area can have the beautiful smiles they want.

Esthetic Dentistry Q & A

What are esthetic dental treatments?

Generally speaking, esthetic dental treatments comprise any treatment or procedure where the primary aim is to improve appearance. Two of the most popular esthetic dental treatments are whitening to improve the color and brightness of teeth and dental veneers to hide flaws like cracks, chips, uneven edges, gaps and significant discoloration that doesn't respond well to whitening treatments. Composite fillings are another popular option since they're not obvious like dark amalgam fillings; in fact, because they can be tinted to match your teeth, they're generally invisible.

Can esthetic treatments help in ways that aren't cosmetic?

Yes; by covering chips and cracks, veneers can help prevent bacteria from entering teeth, causing weakness, decay, breakage and even eventual tooth loss. Plus, having a better-looking smile can significantly boost your self-esteem, which means you can feel more comfortable at work or school and in social situations.

Are drugstore whitening kits as effective as whitening treatments at the dentist's office?

No; professional whitening not only provides more effective and consistent results, but they also cause less sensitivity and the results last considerably longer. Dr. Huang performs in-office whitening and also provides specially-developed kits that patients can use at home to help their teeth stay white and bright between professional whitening treatments.

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Blue Pearl Dentistry accepts dental PPO plans only. Please provide us with your insurance information before your office visit so that we can determine your eligibility and benefits. Please contact your insurance provider to verify that we are in your network.


Blue Pearl Dentistry provides custom payment plans for qualified patients. Please let us know if you need to initiate a custom payment plan and we will be happy to work with you. 


Our office offers the 6 month no interest plan or 24/48 month fixed interest plan. 

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